W11 Washingborough

September 9, 2014

This week we head out for the first of two visits to the village of Washingborough where Paul discovers once and for all his status on the programme at the hands of Chris DeBurgh, and we are alarmed by the number of boy racers of all ages.  Meanwhile, moral vacuum Jonny goes poking his nose into tiny doorways and relives a hangover.  Back in the studio, Jo tells us of the old Lincolnshire tradition of ran-tanning, where any member of the community who had stepped out of line was subjected to nightly assault by a braying, obscenity shouting, pigs-bladder-brandishing mob until they changed their ways - a practice which seems to have continued in Washy until surprisingly recently.  All this, plus a moment of reflection from Tref and, in honour of Paul "Pilgrim" Tyler's birthplace we play, for one week only, A Question of Boston...