V3 Nettleham - Mulsane Park

September 4, 2014

This week we're in Nettleham... sort of.  Unfortunately, the convoluted and frankly nonsensical rules we've imposed upon ourselves mean that we can only venture as far as Mulsane Park - a recreational ground on the edge of the village containing a football pitch, cricket ground and ugly pebbledash garage.  Frustration leads Jonny and Paul to argue pointlessly over whether it's OK or not to take a cricket ball they've found (upright citizen Paul says no, the moral vacuum that is Jonny says Finders Keepers) and they reveal their plan to deprive a community football team of much needed revenue by getting into the football ground 2 for the price of 1.  Back in the studio, Paul decides to test the seemingly cricket-ignorant Jonny on obscure cricketing terms - and discovers that he's actually an expert on God's Own Game.  All this, plus Tref chips in, Jo gives us the history of the area, and there's another round of A Question of Lincoln...