U7 Proposed Eastern Bypass

November 18, 2014

This week we head out the Eastern side of the city where, after bravely leaping across a ravine, we find ourselves in what is currently a peaceful field, soon to be dug up to make way for the tarmac and petrol fumes of the Proposed Eastern Bypass.  We muse over this development, with Paul coming perilously close to falling off his usual perch on the fence and proposing that he and Jonny become Swampy-style anti-road protestors ("I'll fetch me bongos..."), while tree-hugger Jonny needs no convincing.  Back in the studio, we hear from you about your favourite places in Lincoln (other than the Cathedral, obviously), plus we get some historical facts from Jo and Tref gives us his take on the grid.  All this, plus another round of A Question of Lincoln...