P5 Ermine East

September 16, 2014

This week, with your regular hosts away, we decided to hand the show over to Siren FM's Anthony Cafferkey to see what he makes of our P5 grid - Ermine East.  Strangely, instead of blathering on about plastic windows or pointlessly bickering, as Paul & Jonny do every week, Anthony takes the frankly bizarre approach of actually speaking to key members of the community and getting to the heart of the issues affecting the people who live there!  

First, he takes a trip to the "giant Pringle" St John the Baptist Parish Church and talks to Father Stephen Hoy about the challenges faced by the Ermine and the work being done by the church to bring the community together.  During this chat, Anthony and Stephen are interrupted by the arrival of the Ermine Voices Community Choir, which leads Anthony to speak to their Director Tori Longdon, about how the choir has had a life-changing effect on some of its members.  All this, plus our usual contributors Tref and Jo.  Will Paul and Jonny learn any lessons from Anthony's more socially-aware approach to Lincoln AtoZ?

Next week: Paul and Jonny head to Sudbrooke to play Pooh Sticks.


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