A10 Jerusalem

May 24, 2014

This week we head to Jerusalem - not THAT one, the one on the West side of Smelly Skelly, where we find the euphemistically named "rendering plant" which is responsible for Skellingthorpe's notorious aroma and get spied on by old ladies.  We hit a nadir when, lacking anything else of interest to do, Paul finds himself looking into a grit bin for the second time in AtoZ's history, but we then make our way to the cycle path where a piece of art lifts our spirits.  We also hear from local resident, and Siren FM work experience girl, Katie who tells us what it's like to grow up in Skelly, Jo lets us in on the history of the grid, and we're paid another visit by Tref.  All this, plus another round of A Question Of Lincoln.... [Apologies once again for the sound quality on parts of this programme which is due to some technical issues]