V17 Branston

October 7, 2014

This week we make our second visit to the village of Branston, and on the journey there we indulge in one of our favourite pass times: a pointless competition.  Paul wheezes his way up Canwick Hill on his bike while Jonny peers into people's gardens from the top deck as he races him on the bus.  Once there, it's all about Sex and the Suburbs as we discuss the love life of the couple on the "Elderly Crossing" road sign and speculate on the secret meaning of melons hung over garden fences, before calming ourselves down with talk of 1980s computer games.  Meanwhile back in the studio Tref is making demands and Jo "Turnip Husbandry" Hughes talks Monkeys.  All this, plus another round of A Question of Lincoln...


K8 West Common

September 30, 2014

This week we're avoiding big piles of horse pooh on the West Common, accompanied by a very special guest - Jonny's pet greyhound Albert AKA The World's Best Dog.  Here, we discuss the aborted plans to bring back horse racing, and add horses to Jonny's long list of animal phobias.  Meanwhile, Paul becomes increasingly alarmed at Jonny's odd behaviour when he reveals a voyeuristic misadventure with a video camera, and back in the studio the fragrant Albert joins us for a chat.  As usual, Jo and Tref are here to chip in with their usual history and ramblings, and there's another round of A Question of Lincoln...


Ba1 Sudbrooke

September 23, 2014

This week we venture out to the most North-Easterly grid on our map and confront our preconceptions of Sudbrooke, a place so posh they actually use napkins.  Jonny quickly sustains an injury but bravely soldiers on, while Paul stumbles upon a babbling brook and suggests a game of Pooh Sticks.  Back in the studio, we discuss Lincoln's great unsigned bands as ex-Calimero basist Paul boasts about his glowing NME review.  Meanwhile, Jo is on hand with the history of our grid and Tref talks pouffes.  All this, plus another round of A Question of Lincoln...


P5 Ermine East

September 16, 2014

This week, with your regular hosts away, we decided to hand the show over to Siren FM's Anthony Cafferkey to see what he makes of our P5 grid - Ermine East.  Strangely, instead of blathering on about plastic windows or pointlessly bickering, as Paul & Jonny do every week, Anthony takes the frankly bizarre approach of actually speaking to key members of the community and getting to the heart of the issues affecting the people who live there!  

First, he takes a trip to the "giant Pringle" St John the Baptist Parish Church and talks to Father Stephen Hoy about the challenges faced by the Ermine and the work being done by the church to bring the community together.  During this chat, Anthony and Stephen are interrupted by the arrival of the Ermine Voices Community Choir, which leads Anthony to speak to their Director Tori Longdon, about how the choir has had a life-changing effect on some of its members.  All this, plus our usual contributors Tref and Jo.  Will Paul and Jonny learn any lessons from Anthony's more socially-aware approach to Lincoln AtoZ?

Next week: Paul and Jonny head to Sudbrooke to play Pooh Sticks.


W11 Washingborough

September 9, 2014

This week we head out for the first of two visits to the village of Washingborough where Paul discovers once and for all his status on the programme at the hands of Chris DeBurgh, and we are alarmed by the number of boy racers of all ages.  Meanwhile, moral vacuum Jonny goes poking his nose into tiny doorways and relives a hangover.  Back in the studio, Jo tells us of the old Lincolnshire tradition of ran-tanning, where any member of the community who had stepped out of line was subjected to nightly assault by a braying, obscenity shouting, pigs-bladder-brandishing mob until they changed their ways - a practice which seems to have continued in Washy until surprisingly recently.  All this, plus a moment of reflection from Tref and, in honour of Paul "Pilgrim" Tyler's birthplace we play, for one week only, A Question of Boston...


V3 Nettleham - Mulsane Park

September 4, 2014

This week we're in Nettleham... sort of.  Unfortunately, the convoluted and frankly nonsensical rules we've imposed upon ourselves mean that we can only venture as far as Mulsane Park - a recreational ground on the edge of the village containing a football pitch, cricket ground and ugly pebbledash garage.  Frustration leads Jonny and Paul to argue pointlessly over whether it's OK or not to take a cricket ball they've found (upright citizen Paul says no, the moral vacuum that is Jonny says Finders Keepers) and they reveal their plan to deprive a community football team of much needed revenue by getting into the football ground 2 for the price of 1.  Back in the studio, Paul decides to test the seemingly cricket-ignorant Jonny on obscure cricketing terms - and discovers that he's actually an expert on God's Own Game.  All this, plus Tref chips in, Jo gives us the history of the area, and there's another round of A Question of Lincoln...


Lincoln AtoZ Extra: Access LN6

June 9, 2014

A specially extended version of Paul's interview with Sarah and Laura from Lincolnshire County Council's Access LN6 sustainable transport project.


E11 Skellingthorpe Road

June 4, 2014

This week we mount our trusty bicycles and head to the Western end of Skelly Road, but nearly have to abandon the visit when Jonny's knackered old bike finally gives up the ghost.  Thankfully, we're not far from one of Access LN6's HireBike stations and Jonny is soon back on the road, which leads us to thinking about transport - later in the programme, we talk to Access LN6 about their work in trying to encourage people in the area do their bit to tackle traffic and switch to more sustainable ways of traveling. Meanwhile, Paul resolves never to mention Kirsty & Phil again, Jo is excitedly flipping through her maps and Tref talks wildfowl sites.  All this, plus another round of A Question of Lincoln.


J13 Tritton Road

May 27, 2014

This week Paul & Jonny take a trip down memory lane as they revisit their old alma mater, The City School.  Although the scuzzy old buildings they knew and loved have long gone under the swish new Priory City of Lincoln Academy, they are still beset with memories of cross country runs, drama lessons, and fruity shenanigans in The Peasantry.  Sadly, their reminiscences come to a bitter end when "bin boy" Paul has a mini breakdown upon discovering that today's pupils have iPads and nice decked areas.  Back in the studio, we hear your memories of the old City School, Jo is on hand with a history of the grid, and Tref chips in too.  All this, plus another round of A Question Of Lincoln.


A10 Jerusalem

May 24, 2014

This week we head to Jerusalem - not THAT one, the one on the West side of Smelly Skelly, where we find the euphemistically named "rendering plant" which is responsible for Skellingthorpe's notorious aroma and get spied on by old ladies.  We hit a nadir when, lacking anything else of interest to do, Paul finds himself looking into a grit bin for the second time in AtoZ's history, but we then make our way to the cycle path where a piece of art lifts our spirits.  We also hear from local resident, and Siren FM work experience girl, Katie who tells us what it's like to grow up in Skelly, Jo lets us in on the history of the grid, and we're paid another visit by Tref.  All this, plus another round of A Question Of Lincoln.... [Apologies once again for the sound quality on parts of this programme which is due to some technical issues]