Db2 Bishops Palace / Usher Gallery

May 13, 2014

This week we head uphill for an early morning visit to the area around Greenstone Stairs and the Bishops Palace where Paul channels the spirit of Kirsty and Phil to offer property advice, and Jonny sneaks in another moan about plastic windows.  Meanwhile, Paul talks to local film producers Hannah Agutter and Sophie White about their project "Curiouser", partially filmed inside our grid, Jo plunders the wealth of history in the area, and Tref gives us his thoughts on the grid. All this, plus another round of A Question of Lincoln... [Apologies for the slightly ropey sound quality on parts of tonight's show]


N7 Newport Roundabout / Lincoln 10K

May 6, 2014

This week we head up to the area around the Newport/Longdales Road/Riseholme Road/Yarborough Crescent roundabout where we inspect the green, green grass of Bishop Grosst... Bishop Grotes... er, Bishop Grot Uni, and get spooked out by Micheal Jackson in Newport Cemetery.  Meanwhile, Paul channels the power of his garish shorts to run the Lincoln 10K, while Jonny skulks on the sidelines having failed to come good on his promise to run it too.  We also hear some surprising historical facts from Jo and receive drinking advice from our expert, Tref.  All this, plus another round of A Question of Lincoln...


G10 Swanpool Lincoln-North Kesteven Border

May 1, 2014

This week we once again find ourselves in an empty field, but this time containing a very important feature not visible to the naked eye - the border between Lincoln City (home to trendy hipsters like Jonny) and NK (where they keep all the money).  We also talk to local resident Bob who, after confronting us about trespassing, kindly agrees to fill us in on his objections to plans to build all over the Swanpool area.  Back in the studio we get some proper archeological history on the area from Jo, Tref gives us his take on the border, and we hear some of your comments on your favourite Lincoln sounds.  All this, plus another round of A Question of Lincoln...


Q9 County Hospital

April 22, 2014

This week we head to a grid where live changing events happen daily as it contains both the hospital and the prison.  We find ourselves contemplating childbirth outside the Maternity Wing, before heading to the Arboretum where Paul gets musical, and on to the prison where Jonny reveals that his knowledge of the modern penal system is mainly gleaned from old episodes of Porridge.  Luckily, Jo Hughes is on hand to give us some historical context, and Tref reminisces about the arrival of his firstborn.  All this, plus another round of A Question of Lincoln...


E23 South Hykeham

March 25, 2014

This week we head down to the very bottom of our map, to the village of South Hykeham where we talk farming and food.  Back in the studio, we enjoy a picnic of some of the County's finest produce, including haslet, stuffed chine, plum bread, and of course the famous Lincolnshire sausage.  Meanwhile, bearded ale-drinker Jonny attempts to convince Lager Boy Paul of the merits of locally brewed beers, Tref considers whether South Hykeham is just the posher version of North Hykeham, and Jo digs into the history of the grid.  All this, plus another round of A Question of Lincoln...


V9 Greetwell Hall Farm

March 18, 2014

This week we venture out into the countryside, to the area around Greetwell Hall.  Paul is in heaven in what he's already decided is one of his favourite grids, whilst even Jonny is impressed by this "proper countryside" - particularly as it's still a reassuringly short distance from his natural habitat of the city.  Back in the studio, all this rurality leads us to consider some of the finest foods and ales produced here in Lincolnshire, and we vow to have a picnic next week.  Meanwhile, Jo reveals the hidden secrets of the lost Greetwell Village, and Tref give us his take on the area.  All this, plus another round of A Question of Lincoln...


A20 (Not) Whisby Nature Park

March 11, 2014

This week we look forward to visiting the restful oasis that is Whisby Nature Park - but instead find ourselves cowering on a grass verge as HGVs whizz past, as we discover that our usually trusty map has lied to us!  Instead, the grid turns out to be dominated by caravans, barbed-wire fences and a bypass.  Paul reminisces about his short-lived Kayaking adventures, whilst Jonny reveals his not unreasonable disinclination towards defecating within earshot of loved ones.

Meanwhile, Paul talks to George Hazelwood of grid-based business Hazelwood Ski World, Tref gets poetical about the lakes through the seasons, and Jo does a sterling job of bringing us the history of what at first seems an unpromising grid for historical investigation.  All this, plus another round of A Question of Lincoln.


V05 North Greetwell

March 5, 2014

This week we take the Skeggy road, but only get as far as North Greetwell where we experience the usual rural Lincolnshire warm welcome to strangers and regret not stopping off for a curry.  Back in the studio, Tref laments the lack of a pub in the grid, whilst Jo gives us some hard historical facts, and we also discuss your memories of local Lincoln characters.  All this, plus another round of A Question of Lincoln...


K16 Rookery Lane/Newark Road

February 25, 2014

This week we head to the newly traffic-free (!) junction of Rookery Lane and Newark Road where Jonny attempts to start a war of words between the residents of Hainton Road and Kenilworth Drive, whilst Paul reflects on the happiest day of his life. We also countdown your 5 Best Lincoln Gigs Of All Time, Tref is in tuneful mood, and Jo fills us in on the history of the grid.  All this, plus another round of A Question of Lincoln...


Z6 Cherry Willingham

February 11, 2014

This week we venture out to the satellite village of "Cherry" where a mud-splattered Jonny and Paul consider the purpose of twin towns and try to ignite a full scale war between the residents of Cherry and neighbouring Reepham when we ask (and answer) the question: which is best?  We also hear your memories of the greatest  gig you've been to in Lincoln and wonder just how many of the people who claim to have seen The Beatles at the ABC were actually there.  All this, plus our regular contributors Tref and Jo, and another round of A Question of Lincoln.