Db5 Pelham Bridge

November 28, 2013

This week we visit the graffiti-ridden, wee-smelling concrete carbunkle that is Pelham Bridge where we lament the streets that were flattened to build this 50s flyover.  Jonny questions why, 55 years after it opened, drivers are still moaning about the railway crossings which it was supposed to bypass, whilst Paul uses his vantage point on the bridge to narrate the story of Lincoln.  Having thoroughly depressed ourselves, we decided to try to bring something beautiful to this unpromising grid, as local singer-songwriter Michael Reeve performs live and acoustic under the bridge while the traffic thunders overhead.  Meanwhile, Jo fills us in on the history of the grid, and Tref takes us back to the day Liz cut the ribbon on the bridge. All this, plus a Pelham Bridge-themed round of A Question Of Lincoln.