R14 Canwick Village, The Pits

October 15, 2013

This week we venture up Canwick Hill to an area alongside Lincoln Road which apparently contains Canwick Pits.  At least, that's what our map tells us - but we were once again thwarted by fences and "keep out" signs, leading Jonny to speculate what the authorities might be hiding in there.  Meanwhile, Paul discovers that, whatever Elton John may claim, "Sorry" is not the hardest word - the hardest words are in fact "Oil Rape Seed Field".

Talking of words - back in the studio, we invite your thoughts on Lincoln words, phrases and sayings and are deluged with suggestions, from "weckie" to "gansey", "mardy" to "rammal", and of course "D'you come from Bardney?!".  All this, plus a history of R14 from Jo, more musings from Tref, and another round of A Question of Lincoln... it's enough to cobble dogs wi'!